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Air Quality Sensor

If the device contains any of the exposes mentioned in the following table, an Air Quality Sensor service will be created.

Besides the characteristic mentioned in the table, the plugin will also add the required Air Quality characteristic. The table below contains the threshold values for the different properties. If a single sensor supports multiple of the characteristics mentioned in the table, the worst air quality indication will be used for the Air Quality characteristic.

Name Characteristic Excellent Good Fair Inferior Poor
voc VOC Density <= 333 <= 1000 <= 3333 <= 8332 > 8332
pm10 PM10 Density <= 25 <= 50 <= 100 <= 300 > 300
pm25 PM2.5 <= 15 <= 35 <= 55 <= 75 > 75

Note that these values have been selected based on several graphs found on different online resources. There might be room from improvement, but then again, the Air Quality is just an indication.