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RGB Genie ZB-5122

Micro remote and color dimmer with single scene recall

Services and characteristics

The following HomeKit Services and Characteristics are exposed by the RGB Genie ZB-5122


This is the information provided by Zigbee2MQTT for this device:

    "name": "battery",
    "label": "Battery",
    "access": 1,
    "type": "numeric",
    "property": "battery",
    "description": "Remaining battery in %, can take up to 24 hours before reported",
    "category": "diagnostic",
    "unit": "%",
    "value_max": 100,
    "value_min": 0
    "name": "action",
    "label": "Action",
    "access": 1,
    "type": "enum",
    "property": "action",
    "description": "Triggered action (e.g. a button click)",
    "category": "diagnostic",
    "values": [
    "name": "linkquality",
    "label": "Linkquality",
    "access": 1,
    "type": "numeric",
    "property": "linkquality",
    "description": "Link quality (signal strength)",
    "category": "diagnostic",
    "unit": "lqi",
    "value_max": 255,
    "value_min": 0